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Welcome to Willcare Farm

Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of central Virginia, Willcare Farm boasts the ideal environment for raising healthy, happy dairy goats. Lake breezes and rolling pastures allows my herd plenty of exercise and natural enrichment.


Though rather new to the dairy goat world, I have spent my life involved with animals and am a professional in the horse industry. Now having moved to Virginia, I'm continuing in the equine world by offering retirement home for older show horses. The horses provide a natural complement to my goats and allow me the blessing of working from home. My days are filled with goats and horses; what could be better than this!

Several people have asked about the origin of my herd name, Willcare. My Aunt Carol Willumsen, was an avid animal lover who rode horses and raised dogs. When she started her own kennel, Carol created the name by taking the beginning of her last name, Will, and adding the beginning of her first name. The Willcare name was created! She became well known as an AKC judge and for the Whippets she raised. My Aunt Carol became a large part of my life growing up and blessed me with my love of animals. My sister Susan took the Willcare name for her kennel to continue the name in the dog industry. Aunt Carol unexpectedly died not long before I became captivated by the dairy goat world. To honor her memory and all she had done for me, Willcare Dairy goats was born.


My commitment to my goats runs deep. I pride myself on trying to develop an animal that not only will shine in the show ring, but will be a love in the barn. All my kids are bottle raised and receive daily attention. This imprinting helps ensure that all my kids are trusting and confident, helping for successful futures.

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