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Willcare Farm Sales Policy
Willcare Dairy Goats

Our Rights:

Willcare Farm reserves the right to retain any animal born on our farm regardless of reservation status, deposits or holds at any time for the interest, safety and well being of our animals. Willcare is NOT responsible for any animal once it leaves our property in any regards including health.

Vaccinations & Prevention:

  • Babies will receive a CD/T vaccination at 4 weeks old and then a booster at 8 weeks. For CD/T to be most effective, it requires annual inoculation moving forward. Consult with your livestock veterinarian for more information. 

  • Goat kids are bottle raised and put on a Coccidia prevention protocol to prevent a bloom or outbreak from occurring. We use weight dosed, Calf Pro Medicated liquid added to our bottle regimen.   


  • If you are interested in a Willcare dairy goat, please contact us via the form on our "Breeding Schedule" page. Specify your interests in detail and be sure to leave your contact information so I can reach you.  

  • When an availability arises in regards to your specific reservation, Willcare will contact you to determine if you are interested or would like to pass up your reservation. 

Sales & Pickup:

  • If you would like to keep the available goat, payment must be made in full within 72 hours of notification.

  • Your goat kid pick up or transportation must be arranged within the following 3 weeks after notification unless other arrangements are made with me. 

  • All sales are final, except in the event there is a physical disability/deformity inhibiting a normal life, or,  veterinarian proven breeding deficiencies non-management related. In either event, we will replace the animal with another of equal value to your liking or Willcare will seek alternative accommodation on our terms. Other situations or conditions may apply and are based exclusively on a circumstantial basis.

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